• LERIN GROUP and the environment:

With the goal of sustainable development, LERIN GROUP understands that environmental issues in the design and manufacturing process are increasingly important and play a big role in society. In order to bring the best efficiency and to ensure environmental quality, LERIN GROUP unceasingly strives to preserve and propagate environmental conservation activities to customers, together we build, develop and create a clean environment, worthy of the Group's 5-star brand.
  • LERIN GROUP and the community:

LERIN GROUP's corporate culture is built on a pioneering spirit with pride in the values, resolution and humanistic traditions of Vietnamese people. This culture not only manifests in benefit policies for employees, but also in activities for the common development of the social community. With the Group's programs to bring good values for society and people's lives, LERIN GROUP has been continuing to expand the model of Vietlish Co-spaces - reflexive communication English to provide the young with an advanced and effective English environment. Besides, Vietlish Homes is a high-class dormitory chain with the aim of improving and renewing the living environment, creating favorable conditions for people to have more conditions to develop as well as enhance their quality of life. LERIN GROUP always aims at the good values delivered to the community and society. We constantly learn and promote the elite of a strongly growing Group.