LERIN GROUP always considers human capital a core element and most valuable asset, especially for a start-up business. With the slogan: "Forever the spirit of entrepreneurship for Vietnamese brands", LERIN GROUP wants to emphasize the determination of employees to express and prove themselves. Employees at LERIN GROUP are comprehensively trained to have all Conscience - Vision - Talent.

The Group's recruitment goal is to attract and welcome any candidate who inclines to choose a dynamic, creative, friendly and high-performance work environment -  a place where each individual can maximize their capabilities and professional expertise; always aims and strives to accomplish the common goal of the Group.

LERIN GROUP places special emphasis on the human resource development through designing development programs for every employee, focusing on implementing special training sessions to improve their understanding, vision and qualification. The purpose of training is both to elevate the employees and to help them become worthy representatives of LERIN GROUP under any circumstances. In that process, LERIN GROUP also contributes to the improvement in the quality of the general Vietnam's labor force.