LERIN GROUP focuses on training and nurturing the spirit of entrepreneurship, orienting personnel to follow the 3 'DISCIPLINED' - disciplined people, disciplined mindset, disciplined action, know how to train and develop themselves day by day, have patriotism and national pride, be inclined to the good and have the ambition to go above and beyond with their own abilities.Under the leadership of LERIN GROUP, each employee learns to be proactive and dedicated to their work, to work independently, to put themselves in the position of "businessmen work as wage earners", always considers the Group's Culture and its six core values as a lodestar to align every single behavior for the common goal of the Group.

PRESTIGE - LERIN GROUP protects its PRESTIGE like its own honor, always fully prepares execution capacity and spares no effort to fulfil its commitments.

CONSCIENTIOUSNESS - LERIN GROUP considers CONSCIENTIOUSNESS a business foundation, fully complies with the law, maintains ethics, puts customers at the heart.

INTELLECT - LERIN GROUP considers creativity as a source of vitality, a lever for development, appreciates the spirit of "dare to think, dare to do", and advocates to develop the Group into a "Learning enterprise".

AGILITY - LERIN GROUP establishes the guiding principle of "Speed and efficiency in every action", and practices "Fast decision - Fast investment - Fast deployment - Fast sales - Fast change and adaptation".

ELITE - LERIN GROUP sets the goal of "Elite people - Elite products and services - Elite life - Elite society" for all of its activities.

HUMANITIES - LERIN GROUP fosters all relationships with a humane spirit, creating "Concord among people" on the basis of fairness, integrity, and upholding the strength of solidarity.

We are constantly innovating towards the goal of "For Vietnamese brands in the global market". And with every passing day, works under the LERIN GROUP brand continues to rise, and LERIN GROUP's subsidiaries continually bring excellent and trusted values ​​to all customers.With a sense of responsibility and discipline along with a standard and systematic work procedure, each employee at LERIN GROUP is a critical element in building a highly professional work environment. The culture of high speed, efficiency and discipline has been imbued in all employee actions, creating a synergy that ensures strong success and development of LERIN GROUP in all areas of participation.With the goal of gradually developing employee skills and competencies, LERIN GROUP constantly innovates and perfects its work process, reforms based on strategic plans with the desire to bring employees the most dynamic and professional environment for study and work. Training sessions for the whole Group and for each department on a variety of topics from soft skills to professional knowledge are held regularly, which helps employees to have a broader view and a more open-minded mindset, thereby improving their work performance.At LERIN GROUP, each employee considers the Group a second home, a place to engage, to devote and to spare no effort together with their teammates. In any role and any position, we are proud to grow from the LERIN GROUP environment.