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Located in a strategic position for foreign companies with operations throughout Southeast Asia, Vietnam is emerging as a premier sourcing & exporting hub in the eyes of global markets. Based in Vietnam, LERIMEX JSC has always strived to leverage our country’s strengths, address global challenges and meet the needs of our international customers and partners, when confronted by dramatic changes to the socio-economic environment.

By drawing on our core strengths and leveraging our global network, we are committed to making further strides, creating more and more worthy marks of Vietnamese Products into map of World, setting more ambitious goals, while at the same time, acknowledging the realities surrounding our business.

Together with our stakeholders, we aim to contribute to building a sustainable future in harmony with the environment.


About Us

LERIMEX JSC is a trust-building & customer-oriented exporter based in Vietnam. We exist with a single, unwavering purpose: “For Vietnamese brands in the global market”.

Specializing in producing & exporting coffee products & wood furniture, we are always dedicated to providing global customers with high-quality products from Vietnam at the best competitive price. We also have expertise in distributing other international-standard products, including Vietnam’s clinker and Vietnam’s yellow phosphorus.

With our committed and innovative workforce, we have a strong desire to bring the world our best local commodities at the best rate, ensuring high customer satisfaction and long-term partnerships.

Our Philosophy

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For Customers
  • Customer Satisfaction: Building and maintaining customer satisfaction at maximum level through our commitment in improving quality, delivery, flexibility and reliability.
  • Fairness & Integrity: Treating with fairness and integrity to all of customers and suppliers.
  • Respect: Respecting the confidentiality of commercial information provided and only using this information appropriately for legitimate business purposes.
  • Mutual benefit: Building a mutually beneficial relationship in every transaction value and period of the partnership.
For Suppliers
  • Commiting to dealing with suppliers on the principle of fairness, honesty, and harmony of benefits.
  • Choosing suppliers and partners that share common core values and commit to ethical business. Opposing all forms of children labor use or children’s development pretention.
  • Constantly striving to build and develop close business relationships with suppliers and intergrading them into our supply chain management.
For Employee
  • Remuneration Policy: Giving employees enough income to support themselves first and then enough to support their family.
  • Procedure: Instructing all employees at all levels about critical thinking and working methods.
  • Working Environment: Stimulateing employees’ aspirations, helping them set goals for themselves.
  • Entertainment: Incorporating entertainment into the work, helping employees be comfortable when working.
  • Practical: Letting the team know that the work must be practical, certain, calm, and not being allowed to take shortcuts and cunning.
  • Maturity: Creating opportunities for employees to grow, learn and develop, achieve success in life.
  • Recognition: Helping each employee to be mentally praised, striving to become a more valuable person.
  • Richness: Advancing to spiritual values, realizing the working of the universe and happily enjoying life (rich in spirit and wisdom)
For Environment

Investing in using equipment and machinery as well as producing eco-friendly products. All wastes which are generated during the production process are controlled and handled according to law regulations. We aim at building a environment-driven business development.

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Our Commitments to Customers

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Our Services