The guiding principles of LERIN GROUP and its subsidiaries are based on 6 core values which are the Group’s commitment to customers: Prestige – Conscientiousness – Intellect – Agility – Elite – Humanities.



LERIN GROUP always puts PRESTIGE first, all products must meet the required standards of quality, stable level of safety, and be uniform for all customers. Provide products that are suitable in practice and for legitimate needs. This is the value that the Group has been continuing to promote.


The Group not only focuses on the product value but also cares about the consumption of customers, not chasing profits and losing its core values. The products fully meet consumer needs, and the Group always brings enthusiasm to each product when it reaches customers.


Innovating technology, improving product quality, and ensuring environmental protection, LERIN Group always changes to match the development process, absorb modern science, bring standard products, and enhance customer experience.


Accelerating the expansion of market research, finding partners, applying new business models, developing service industries from traditional industries and seeking highly creative human resources are the criteria that the Group is still trying to implement.


With the goal of "Elite people - Elite products and services - Elite life - Elite society", the Group aims at benefits that could be brought to users, quality products, quality services, active lives, and a civilized society. LERIN Group invariably wants its customers to have good experiences not only in product quality but also in its internal value.


With professional, creative, passionate and enthusiastic personnel, LERIN Group constantly strives to make the team grow stronger and more experienced, being able to promote all of their own values and abilities in an appropriate environment, taking initiative at work, adapting well to difficult circumstances, and having sharp problem-solving mindsets. LERIN Group always keeps screening and developing human resources to bring the best efficiency to society.