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HPartnering with entrepreneurs and innovators all over the world to reinvent user experience with new innovations, premium designs including corporate and brand citizenship; human-centered technologies to help connect and improve daily life in simple and meaningful ways. We want to collaborate with you to create solutions against our big challenges.

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Known for creative packaging and devices that benefit consumers' lives. Let us know if you have any solution for any of our packaging needs outlined here.

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LERIN GROUP wants to listen to companies having developed innovations that can address our needs in manufacturing, engineering and related fields.

Note: If you are a supplier of goods, materials, or services who wants to be considered a supplier of LERIN GROUP, this is the right place for you to register and let our purchasing department know about your company's services.

  • Technical, sales and retail innovation

TAt LERIN GROUP, we work hard to understand and stay in touch with people who use our products and with external partners who help us to fulfill the Group's purpose. If you think you might have an innovation opportunity that can help us.

  • Trademark licensing →

LERIN GROUP's Trademark License Agreements offer external partners opportunities to harness the power of LERIN GROUP's well-known and trusted brands to innovate and develop portfolios in which LERIN GROUP does not participate, but they still benefit consumers. How can you leverage LERIN GROUP's equity to grow your business, deliver innovations in portfolios and strengthen connections with your key customers & consumers?



100% Reflexive Communication English Center System

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Serviced Apartment, English Dormitory System

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LERIN Group Import-Export Joint Stock Company

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3. LOGO KHONG NEN TẬP ĐOÀN LERIN GROUP - Vì thương hiệu Việt trên trường quốc tế


JOBFIT Technology Group Joint Stock Company

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